Security Guards We are the Pinnacle of Professionalism and Integrity in the security industry for your site & event security for a number of businesses of varying industries and different reasons . We guarantee the availability of a uniformed security guard either unarmed, armed anytime of the day 365. We have a rigorous selection process in our hiring process and will select the RIGHT person for your particular job. We can handle short term or long term (even a single shift, or 24/7) Our staff has had tons of real world training, some of our officers even have FORMAL martial arts training. Our first job is to deter, if that does not work we will try to resolve the problem but in the RARE instance that a threat ensues we are trained in defusing the threat and detaining until the police can come in and take over, we work VERY closely with the local police department. We also handle loss prevention, (undercover security guards that will watch over your business to make sure nothing is being stolen). Call or email today for a no pressure consultation and quote.

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